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Here are the comments we’ve received when asking our customers “Was the apartment price ‘good value for money’ ?

“Excellent value for money !! Best apartment in Whitby by far, apart from their other apartment Seaview which has exactly the same high standard !!”

“Excellent value for money...”

“Third time I have stayed here and I have never had any problems. Location is excellent and the apartment is extremely well equipped...”

“Very good indeed, we enjoyed our winter break and would like to get next January...”

“Extremely good value...”

“Very comfortable and well equipped in fantastic location...”


“Good value for excellent facilities in a great location. ...”

“We do think the apartment is value for money and when I have shown your website to colleagues and friends they were all impressed so hopefully it will generate some more interest too. “

“This is our second stay in this apartment and think it's excellent value for money especially with all the equipment that is here for us to use...”

“Very good value given the high standard of the apartment !”

“While I was at the apartment I priced up the hotel next door just for bed and breakfast and it would have cost a lot more than the apartment with less comfort...”

“Very good.....” x 11

“This is our second stay in this apartment and think it's excellent value for money especially with all the equipment that is here for us to use...”

“Was like a home from home...”

“Excellent...” x 8

“Excellent value - 1st time I’ve had a private lift...”

“Good value...” x 2

“A very good deal for the 3 night stay...”

“Yes we thought this apartment was great value for money”

“*** for 5 nights, very good...”

“Especially the extra night at ** for the short break...”

“Apartment was good value for the excellent standard of accommodation...”

“Very good value and great location...”

“Only marked as average due to washing machine...” - the washing machine had been broken by a previous guest and we had only just been notified. We did let the customers know in advance and they were happy.

“I was happy with the arrangement - nothing to compare...”

“Very reasonable for the time of year...”

“Very competitive - a good price...”

“Exceptional value...”

“Definitely...” x 3

“Very good value, worth every penny. Good+”

“Cleanliness makes it worth the money - don't sack your cleaner...” - we won’t, she is fantastic and we do look after her !

“We paid more than we did last year when we stayed in apartment 6, but flat 7 is better!..” - The specifications of the apartments are completely different and this drives the small price difference. Penthouse is a much higher spec and is much better equipped BUT apartment 6 is still lovely just more basic

“You certainly get what you pay for !”

“Excellent value for money..” x 2

“Luxury but affordable - not overpriced at all !”

“Worth every penny and ticked all the boxes. You should have an extra box for excellent !”

“Very good value for a winter weekend for a family of 4 plus dog. Teenage children thought TV in their bedroom was great. Liked having 2 bathrooms !”


“Yes - for all the little extras you get”

“Not having to worry about (or pay for) parking for 2 cars is a massive bonus”

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Owner: Janette Lee

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