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Here are the comments we’ve received when asking our customers “How did you rate the cleanliness of the apartment ?”. Cleanliness and tidyness is vital so we must know how you feel we are doing.

“Good isn’t an adequate response !”

“Spotless. Very clean !” x 2


“A minor comment, the coffee machine was not clean however this may have been just an oversight...” - obviously left by a previous guest. The cleaner tries to check everything but in 4 hours sometimes may miss bits such as this. Ideally it should have been cleaned after use

“Lovely and clean...”

“Always spotless...”

“Better than good. Excellent...”

“Lovely and clean but not giving a sterile feel so you felt comfortable and at home from the minute you arrive...”

“Very clean and tidy. Excellent !”

“Shame there wasn't an excellent box to tick !”

“Excellent...” x 13

“Excellent plus...!”

“Better than good, it was excellent. Your cleaner should be very proud of their work...”

“Immaculate - very impressed !”

“Not good...... excellent...!”

“Very good...” x 4

“The cleaner is a gem... the apartment is immaculate...”

“Very clean...” x 3


“It was so lovely to walk into a very clean apartment. We have stayed in many self catering accommodations and the number of times we've had to start cleaning the oven, cutlery and cupbaords before we can use them are too many, not having to do any of this was amazing !”

“Excellent, really clean and fresh - very welcoming...”

“Complimentary toiletries much appreciated...”

“One of the cleanest we have been in. We are very picky and this was exceptional...”

“Very clean, must have a very good cleaner...”

“Fabulous cleaner...”

“Although the cleanliness still good I think the standard has slipped a bit since last time we stayed. I had to clean a stain out of the cutlery drawer and scour 2 mugs to take off te stains. The small cushions were a bit grubby and the sofa was damaged” - just small points that in reality the cleaner can’t check every time. The sofa covers were already purchased we fitted them the following week. A previous guest had damaged a cushion and arm cover.

“Spotless...” x 5

“Absolutely spotless, fantastic...”


“The flat was spotless...”


“Windows a bit dirty outside, but doubt you could get a window cleaner up there!” - just the result of the salt spray. They are cleaned by the cleaner now from the inside.

“The apartment was excellent...”

“Don't like black towels in bathroom (personal choice and appreciate they match)...”

“Extremely clean and so well kept...”

“Excellent. Good+”

“10+ (scale of 1-10)...”

“Excellent, that's why we come, and recommend you.”

“Clean & Tidy, though appeared to be a bit of sand in the ensuite bathroom, but I know how difficult it is to sweep up sand!”

“First class !” x 2

“Fantastic - very clean !”

“Spotless...” x 2

“Needs an excellent box...” x 2

“Faultless - far better than my house !”

“Outstanding - can I borrow your cleaner !!”

“Spotless - no issues whatsoever !”

“Extremely clean and well looked after...”

“Excellent in both cleanliness and presentation. The little extras eg boxes of tissues, toiletries and small ornaments make it homely !”

“Apart from when we opened the sofabed and there were biscuit crumbs - apart from that it was immaculate” - the cleaner doesn’t have time to check things like this on every changeover so we are a bit reliant on previous guests being considerate

“Immaculate...” x 2

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Owner: Janette Lee

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