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Here are the comments we’ve received when asking our customers “Any suggested improvements would be appreciated”. We take a lot of notice of people’s feedback as we want people to keep returning - here are the improvement suggestions.

“No, you seem to have everything covered. It was lovely to have a good internet connection and Netflix...”

“None, it's perfect...”

“Only been one day but we have been very happy here...”

“No. Everything is absolutely fine...”

“I would provide mattress toppers. I found the bed a bit hard/springy. It’s just then option for people who like a softer bed...” - mattress will be replaced this month, we had 2 comments about it so will swap this one and the Seaview one

“None needed, can’t improve on perfection !!”

“Large black bin bags would have made the rubbish disposal easier” - we have provided these previously but they were mis-used so we just leave the smaller bags, we’ll monitor this position and see if anyone else mentions it

“The only thing for us is the mattress is quite firm and we thought it dipped on one side...” - The mattress is medium as we have to try and find something to suit most tastes, as for the dip we have rotated and turned the mattress and will monitor the situation

“Nothing could be done to make it even better...”

“Recycling bins would be good,but noticed Whitby doesn't have any anywhere as we could find,I know this is probably a council issue.” - there are re-cycling bins at the back but people tend to put everything in them. There are bottle banks on the sea front and at the leisure centre, this is detailed in the holiday pack

“A welcome pack - e.g. Local bread, butter, cake (etc) could be available. Optional or complementary.” - we will give this some thought, it’s a good idea if we can make it work

“I would suggest that one of the bathrooms had a large walk in shower and no bath...” - we do agree with this but it wasn’t how the apartment was redeveloped. Maybe one day we may reformat one of the bathrooms in this way.

I am being picky here but, using the far bed in the twin bedded room, I'd have liked to have used the drawers in the bedside table (rather than keep going round both beds to the large set of drawers by the door). However they were full of DVDs and I didn't think it was an appropriate place to keep them.” - we will have a think about this as it’s the first time it’s been mentioned

“Install a butler, otherwise all covered...”

“None. Its a well equipped apartment and really comfortable...”

“There is nothing I can think of that would make our stay any better...”

“None at all ! You’ve got it totally right !!”

“The single mattresses were getting a bit worn....” - new mattresses have just be implemented in every apartment (2016)

“I noticed there wasn't a bottle stop in the apartment, we indulged in some prosecco and didn't manage to finish it all. Apart from that everything was catered for perfectly !” - bottle stops are now in place

“We had a problem finding the building. Strange house names and numbering.” - the arrival details do give very detailed instructions

“No you have it covered !”

“There is nothing I can think of that would make our stay any better...”

None, perfect in every way !”

“Larger bath towels, not a big problem.” - will be done when we replace the full towel sets

“For once I genuinely couldn’t make any...”

“Maybe a table lamp in the hallway...” - there is one but someone had moved it into the twin bedroom

“Sofa needs repairing or renewing” - covers had been purchased but I needed to get to to Whitby, this is now done

“None - it’s like Mary Poppins - perfect in every way...”

“Internet access...” - this is quite costly and hard to support/manage. We suggest customers use either WiFi dongles or one of the free WiFi pubs/coffee shops etc - now implemented (lots of requests)

“Shower in ensuite needs the pin holes cleaning to make the water disperse more evenly. Only a very minor observation” - was done and is a regular item now

“Personally I think the website pictures make the penthouse look smaller than it actually is. The pictures may be better from a different angle...” - we have tried all sorts of angles but will keep trying

“Sky Sports...” - we’ll watch for other feedback for this, until then it will have to be a trip to the pub !

“We can't think of anything - well done”

“For visitors who don't know the area, some detailed maps / walk books might be useful to go with the holiday pack.” - implemented

“I know this is a personal preference, but I prefer pocket sprung mattresses  - all mattresses replaced (2016)

“Would be useful if it identified any pubs that are dog friendly” - we’ve created a separate leaflet for this

“Ordnance survey maps of the area to accompany the useful books on walks...” - implemented

“Don’t change a thing...”

“Bath sheets as and when you change them” x 2 - will be added when we refresh the bedding

“Obtaining the key from the small box was rather frustrating especially as it was cold and we were wet. We are 77 and 76 years of age and if assistance could be offered during arrival it would be helpful and we would expect to pay.” - this option is available if required but obviously from the booking form we can’t identify ages etc.

Where are the Very Good boxes ? This apartment is excellent in every way !”

“How can you improve on perfection...”

“A small wash basket in the bathroom...”  - we worry if people would forget to empty this, we get a lot of things left already so will monitor other feedback

“You have thought of everything...”

“We can’t find anything...”

“A rubbish bin in the bedrooms...” - there is one in the kitchen and both bathrooms so we don’t really want any others due to the overhead of emptying them

“We would have liked a hand bar on the bath as we are all 78 plus and struggle to shower...” - the bath does have hand rails but we would prefer not to have to fix anything to the tiles. The tiles are VERY thick and we don’t want to risk damaging them.”

“A cupboard to store groceries in as we had to just have them on the kitchen bench which makes it a little untied...” - the guest cupboard had been filled up by provided items, the cupboard has now been emptied again

“Bath sheets would have been a welcome addition as we are a rather tall family so bath towels didn’t cover much but we do appreciate how expensive laundry must be...” - unfortunately the designs we chose didn’t offer bath sheets but we will choose a design with them next time !!

“None come to mind...”

“In the welcome pack, basic instructions for using washing machine etc would be useful” - this is on the “To do” list

“Storage boxes for toys under single beds to allow more storage for clothes. Long handled brush for sweeping laminate floor” - implemented boxes, hoover is fine for laminate

“After a long soak, would prefer a larger towel...” - Bath sheets weren’t available in this design but when we replace we will put in bath sheets. Both the other apartments have bath sheets.

“Just keep it as it is. We love it. Almost our second home...”

“Perhaps an extra blanket although the weather was extreme...” - implemented

“Bigger bath towels, ie. Bath sheets...” - these weren’t in the range when we set up, when we replace we will provide bath sheets - scheduled for Jan 2018

“Nothing to improve on...”

“Kitchen floor a bit slippy. Child lock for fridge door would be handy” - mentioned slippery floor to cleaner just to check, we can’t find any locks that wouldn’t damage the fridge

“Map of whitby would be useful, but not essential - oops - found it, Sorry!!”

“None to be made, first class all round”

“Some of the glass coasters have chipped corners - sharp and where are the chips?” - replacement implemented - the old ones were safety glass so there was no danger

“It was nice to have use of complimentary toiletries, but some of the shampoos were empty - perhaps the cleaner could check the toileteries when she cleans. Something my husband said , have bigger bath towels - we are not all small, just about wrapped around our body.” - Cleaner only gets 4 hours to turn around the apartment in peak times, so checking shampoo bottles is not really an option. Maybe the person who emptied them, could have thrown them away or left them out for the cleaner! The bath towels were bought as a set since they complimented the bathroom nicely - however, we had not realised they were bath towels and not sheets. They will be replaced with bath sheets when we do replace them, but obviously it is expensive since we have to have so many for handovers.

“Nothing at all - excellent !”

“Cant think of anything - everything was perfect for us

“Outside lighting for key safe...” - we have checked and this can’t be done but we have recommended in the arrival details that people take a torch if arriving in the dark

“Maybe a note about wi-fi password” - is in arrival details but will see if anyone else struggles

“Not applicable - wish we could have stayed all week !!”

“Well satisfied with everything...”

“None - it was absolutely perfect !”

“The apartment was decorated to a very high standard - nothing needs improving !”

“Only improvement I can think of is a more powerful fan in the bathroom” - we’ll look in to this, these are just standard extractor fans

“A slow cooker would be nice !” - this hasn’t been mentioned before so we’ll monitor it

“Bigger bath towels would be helpful” - bath sheets weren’t available in the range we have used, bath sheets will be provided when the towels are swapped

“I can't think of anything, everything here even down to sewing a button on ! Amazing !”

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Owner: Janette Lee

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