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Here are the comments we’ve received when asking our customers “Did you find the apartment well equipped ?”. The apartment is exceptionally equipped but we may have missed something !

“Way above good !! Janette and Chris has thought of everything you might need !!”

“More than well equipped. More mugs than we have in our own home!”

“Janette and Chris have thought of everything, ensuring we have everything we might need , and more than I have at home !!”

“Everything you need and a whole lot more...”

“Absolutely full of useful kitchen equipment, loads of toys, books, DVDs (if we have time indoors to watch) and an abundance of games to keep the children entertained. It truly feels very homely.”

“Absolutely everything you need for a short or long stay...”

“Above and beyond expectations...”

“Could do with some steak knives and a garlic crusher...” - Implemented

“Extremely well equipped and great that we were sent an inventory prior to our stay ! Significantly reduced the amount of things we would normally take with us !”

“Excellent, good quality equipment and crockery supplied...”

“Smart TV allowed us to preview on youtube bands we were going to see at our music festival...”

“Superbly equipped. Didn't want for anything...”

“Again good doesn’t seem like an adequate response...”

“There's nothing this apartment doesn't have. ‘Home from home.’...”

“ Again exceptional...”

“Better equipped than our home :)”

“Better than expected...”

“Better than good it was excellent ...”

“Everything that is needed, that you'd have in your own home. Only thing missing is a butler!!” - we’ll see if we can make this a costed option !

More than well equipped, they have thought of everything...”

“The apartment is very well equipped which saves you from having to being too much extra with you...”

“There is everything you need however the only implement I couldn't find was a pizza cutter. Extremely minor but it was hard work slicing it with a knife.” - there was a pizza cutter, it has been replaced

“More than good. Excellent !”

“More equipment than at home !”

“Everything we needed even down to a cheese grater !”

“Very well equipped. Thanks to the list sent out pior to my stay it meant I didn’t have to pack lots.”

“Good isn't good enough ! Absolutely fantastic to be able to go self catering and still be able to pack for a family of 4 in an Aygo ! The beach equipment is a real bonus...”

“2 of the 3 of us have never stayed self catering before and we were very impressed. The 3rd person has done and said several times that she was amazed at the facilities ! You have truly thought of everything - those with children would be overjoyed too !”

“Absolutely everything had been thought of, it really was home from home ! I loved the labels on everything, super organised which suited me perfectly !”

“More than well equipped, everything provided that we needed and more besides...”

“The apartment has got everything you could wish for to make your stay a relaxed and enjoyable one even down to coming in and being able to make a drink straight away because there was milk provided. Because we stayed here last year we knew we didn't have to pack everything but the kitchen sink. I call Whitby my second home, staying here makes it even more special...”

“Fantastic - home from home !”

“Excellent...” x 13

“Extremely well equipped...”

“Yes - we enjoyed playing the board games and watching DVD's at night...”

“Not often you find such a comprehensively equipped holiday flat...”

“Couldn't ask for anything more, like home from home...”

“More than good...”

“Amazing...” x 3

“Very well equipped...” x 7

“Far more than expected...”

“Very...” x 5

“Excellent attention to detail...”

“We’ve used several properties in various parts of the country, all 4* but this was the best equipped ever...”

“Best equipped ever - loved the lift...”

“As usual, very good...”

“Everything you could possibly need...” x 6


“Excellent - extremely well equipped an clean...”

“Good isn’t a high enough option - excellent...”

“Everything was covered...”

“Far too much for us but better to have them than not...”

“Everything we needed and more...” x 6

“Fantastic - we didn't want for anything...”

“Yes, as always...”

“Everything we needed and more. Good+”


“And some...”

10+ (scale of 1-10)...”

“Larger bowls would be useful - for curries etc” - now implemented

“Excellent, above and beyond. We never ran out of anything!”

“Yes, home from home. Was great to have parking permit during our stay...”

“Very very well equipped...”

“Everything needed and thought of !”

“The most well equipped accommodation we have ever rented, we did find the settee a little uncomfortable for us though”

“Beyond our expectations. Brought some home comforts but didn't need them...“

“Will probably make more use of some items when we return for a longer stay - impressed with the range available !”

“The only thing we couldn’t find was a milk jug. Other than that the apartment had everything we could think we would ever need” - milk jugs now implemented

“More than we expected !”

“Kitchen is well equipped, DVD and games are a great idea and the TV is fab !”

“Unlike previous apartments we have stayed in, the range of kitchen equipment was impressive and we were able to make meals easily. It was also a big bonus not to have to wash up afterwards, thanks to the dishwasher (& tablets) provided. Loved the huge TV for quiet evenings or breakfast TV !”

“Everything had been thought of. I've never been to another holiday apartment with so much to offer !”

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Owner: Janette Lee

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